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"I have recommended you to a few people because I think your style and teaching method is superb! You  really have a way of engaging the kids and Jeanmarie looked forward to French every Tuesday. I really do like this way of teaching languages. Jeanmarie was able to order lunch for us in Luxembourg and was not hesitant at all in using her French when we were visiting both Paris and Luxembourg."
Jeannie Fisher 

"We especially appreciate the extra effort you put in for our daughter. I still remember how at the beginning she was not really excited going to the class. How much she has changed! My daughter is a very active learner and the material and teaching style fit her very well. We like the feedback we get after every class. We also appreciate the guidance you provided  inside and outside the classroom, so she could not only learn the basics of French language but the basics of being an honest and respectful person."
J. McCormick

"Our three children are taking private classes with Madame Candy. She is very professional, reliable, flexible and passionate about her classes. She is constantly updating her teaching tools which keeps the classes dynamic and motivating. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an excellent French teacher. My children love her, and we do too!"
N. Gérard

"My son has been at Lesson de francais for a year and a half and has made great progress.  What we like the most about Mme Candy is that her primary goal is to keep the interest and love for French alive.  She has adapted to Nicolas´ tastes and needs to achieve that goal.  And now we are very excited with the new Symtalk method.  It makes studying at home fun and much easier...  Thanks!"
C. Montoya

"Our experience with Lesson De Francais has been wonderful! We are so grateful to Mme. Candy for her ingenuity and enthusiasm in the class. Her lesson plans are varied, engaging, and tailored to the age and ability of the children. Our six year old daughter and four year old son are having fun learning a second language. We have been amazed by the progress they have made and their ability to use the language outside the classroom. Merci Mme Candy!"

"Mme. Johnson
keeps the children very interested and excited about learning French.  My daughter looks forward to going to her French class every Sunday.  Mme. Johnson makes it so much fun that my daughter looks forward to giving up part of her weekend for enhancing her French!  Merci!"
E. Villoutreix

"I just wanted to express my excitement about my daughter's progress with your lessons.  I was very impressed with your students showcasing their broad knowledge, during the open house.   Thank you  for your enthusiasm and your professionalism!   I love the way you integrate with each lesson plan, games and extra fun activities that keep the children engaged."
M. David-Smith

"Lesson de Francais is a breath of fresh air in the Atlanta suburbs! Ms. Candy, as a native French speaker has the passion for her language, whereas her training and experience as an educator make the classes fun and exciting for the kids.
My 6 years old kindergarten, after 3 lessons is counting to 10 in French, knows her primary colors and sings along with Edith Piaff in the car!
What a difference from my own experience at that age learning the 'typical' way: a book, pictures, repetition of names in french, but the class held in my native language. It was a memorization exercise without the context of why and how it would be fun or helpful. It took me over 12 years until the practical aspect was obvious; by then I was convinced that learning a foreign language was a painful, boring experience.
My daughter, thanks to Lesson de Francais, thinks it is fun!"
Thank you, Ms. Candy,
Sofia Ribeiro

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